hubby wants to play, but mature just desires her feet worshipped

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josyln’s moneybags husband doesn’t cut it in the bedroom, so when she gets a glimpse of the sexy new maid, She, she knows she’s got to have her. She is a very dedicated worker who knows just how to cater to a demanding boss: by following every dirty order she gets!



foot job

rubbing feet on the penis, usually until ejaculation.


a woman who takes the dominant role in bdsm play; a domınatrıx


acronym for three parts of sexual dynamics, including: bondage/discipline, domination/submission, sadism & masochism (sadomasochism)

hubby desires to play, but momy just wants her feet worshipped
bdsm, kink, redhead, feet-worship, foot-fetish, handcuffed, femdom-mistress, humiliation, femdom, femdom-foot-slave, yes-mistress, stockings, stocking-feet

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