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Sandra Otterson, also known as Wifey, is an all American MILF born in Oregon City in 1965. Her spouse, Kevin, is loving the attention his wife gets and has even helped her career boost by managing her website. Their main goal was to create a place where people come watch how sex should be enjoyed from the start. She has started working in the industry since 1998 and has worked solo working against mainstream companies and succeeding. She considers herself a little bit sexually obsessed healthy woman that has never worked as a hooker, pornstar or stripper. She is an all-natural girl with a pair of huge boobs attached to her slender body. She works hard to receive her husband’s huge load of cum all over her face or in her mouth for her to swallow. Her pussy is trimmed and her website extremely popular. Kevin (Hubby) has stated he doesn’t want to disclose the specific amount but he will only say that it is around a 6 figure number. Want to see a natural MILF nympho fucking and enjoying it at the same time? Wifey is the girl for you !

Blondie Fesser

Striking that perfect balance between sinful and sweet, naughty and nice, and of course curvy and tight, is a lusty Latina named Blondie Fesser. With a mouthful of braces, incredible big natural tits, and the kind of big juicy booty you only ever see on Latinas, this Argentinean hottie is everything from your dirtiest daydreams brought to life. A lover of nature, Blondie uses her considerable social media pull to fight the good fight for animals everywhere. In fact, the only thing that Blondie is more passionate about than her furry friends is getting fucked on film! Originally from Argentina, Blondie has partial German ancestry and now lives in Barcelona, making this beauty a truly worldly woman who can speak three languages, and that's not even counting the language of love! So make sure to check out our girl Blondie in action today, because there's nothing hotter than a beautiful woman who knows when to tease and when to please!

Mira Cuckold

Mira Cuckold declared in her Twitter post clearly, about her position in the adult industry: “I wanna be one of the biggest anal slut in the porn :))))” (August 27, 2015). She loves both the kinky and bondage stuff, and not just plain normal sex like some other porn stars do. Her career is in good phase of start, with already two contract for studios in place. She is happy to share her personal life in YouTube, describing her ambition and tendency, if not habit, to acquire the dominating role, also in her domestic matters. Taking this into account, it is only natural and fascinating that she is interested in the Martial Arts, and this nice flavour can also be seen in her performance for the adult industry. Long Live the Queen!



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